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UI Design

UI design is users’ first impression of your service or product, therefore improving the visual look and feel plays an important role to your business promotion.

UX Design

UX design focuses on users’ interaction and experience. To create a top experience takes research in understanding user behavior, competition and mediums.

System Development
& Integration

With over 10 years of experience, UX Labs helps business to craft their own software system that caters to users' preference and managing needs. Enterprises do not need to suffer from putting enormous efforts in developing and integrating software system anymore.



Understand your business and users, identify insights and opportunities, and provide an effective strategy.


Transform insights and new ideas into tangible creative designs and improve the existing ones.


Make sure that the new solution is satisfying the goals and iterate to improve and aim for the next goal.

Case Study

Bank of Kaohsiung

We help BOK to develop its official website that adopts responsive web design, JSP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and other technologies.
This website is designed for web accessibility which ensures the content would be more user-friendly and easy-to-understand for all visitors. Meanwhile, the organized framework can enable every function to be reached easily.

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About Us

Founded in 2012, UX Labs is one of the leading UX design company in Taiwan. We aims to understand customers needs and dig into users’ preference to create the best experience that can help convert into sales successfully.

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